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Three Product Offerings to Meet
All Your Needs 

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Service Drive Accelerator 

An automated lead generation tool that pulls hi-intent, hi-value trade-in/purchase opportunities from the Service Departments' traffic. It delivers quality leads through a stable process without management or maintenance, and it provides pre-qualified opportunities at a fraction of the cost. It pushes opportunities and complete vehicle profiles direct to the Sales department without the need to interact with the Service dept - and it gives you a head-start on the appraisal valuations instantly

Serice Drve Accelerator

Appraise and Remarket 

The Carpraze Appraise and Remarket platform is an end-to-end solution designed from the ground up to make pricing and selling vehicles as efficient as possible. Our platform gives you access to the most accurate and up-to-date market data available today, allowing you to price your inventory confidently. This efficiency isn't just limited to the appraisal process. You can also offer any vehicle to buyers in your preferred networks within seconds, ensuring you are never stuck with unwanted inventory. 

Appraie and Remarkt

Inventory Management

The Carpraze Inventory Management platform gives you a complete view of your stocked vehicles and the freedom to price inventory efficiently. Using industry-leading market data and pricing guides, Carpraze ensures your inventory is always compared to the broadest market data. Full pricing syndication means a single point to adjust your online properties giving you full end-to-end service from appraisal to inventory management.

Inventory Manegment
Service Drive Accelerator
Appraise and Remarket
Inventory Management
Integration into all your Service Drive communications
Instant Appraisal Value Provided
CRM Integration
For Centralized or Independant operations
Mobile App and Desktop Portal Access
Realtime Market Data
Historical Market Data
Instant Notifications
Instant Messaging Between Users/Team Members
Mobile Customer Input
Easy Single Point of Entry For All Vehicle and Customer Information
Realtime Performance and Usage Reporting
Customer Offer Form Generator
Ability to Re-market Vehicles to Your Preferred Buyer List
Realtime Sales History
Side-by-side Comparison of realtime USA and Canada Market Data
Manage your Dealership’s inventory
Pricing Syndication of stocked vehicles
Automatic Reappraisal of stocked vehicles
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