An Enterprise Solution for Pre-Owned Operations.


Unlock growth, improve quality, and lead your market.

What is Carpraze?

Carpraze is the new way to run your pre-owned operations. The Carpraze enterprise platform centralizes wholesaling and appraisal functions for an auto group, through a digital, structured workflow.

​Designed by automotive industry veterans, Carpraze is fundamentally about operational efficiency, providing auto groups with the tool, structure, and support to optimize the performance of their used car business.


Why You Need a Structured Appraisal Process Today

Using enterprise-level solutions for enterprise-level operations

A workflow-driven process allows your organization to:

  • Consistently control the quality of every single appraisal.

  • Mobilize existing employees into completing more appraisals

  • Reduce your dependence on high-paid employees 

  • Increase the speed-to-sale of acquired vehicles


Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue

Wholesaling with Carpraze

What if you could pay zero sell fees, zero negotiation fees, zero re-post fees. Heck, what if you could quickly retail the vehicle elsewhere in your Autogroup instead of even going down the wholesaling path?


No more diminishing margins on wholesaling, let us show you how enterprise-level wholesaling can unlock new opportunities for  your group.

Centralize and Save

Many auto groups have already recognized the benefits of centralized pre-owned operations teams, and have restructured their organization to achieve the efficiency gains that come with it.

The Carpraze Enterprise-level solution supports your group in sharing information and decisions across multiple sales and management teams, in a structured, transparent, foolproof process.

The Carpraze platform also comes with smart Artificial Intelligence, leveraging your own data to give you your unique brand-value on appraisals.


By leveraging your best


By thinking as a united group


To minimize risk


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