Optimize Your Used Car Business

What is Carpraze?

Carpraze is the new way for your dealership to acquire more vehicles. 


Whether you’re a single dealership, or a large Auto Group, the Carpraze platform helps you enable every acquisition channel in your dealership so that you can win more used cars.



How can Carpraze increase vehicle acquisitions?

Enable Every Acquisition Channel

Most dealerships are not taking advantage of all the opportunities available within their own operations, focusing heavily on Trade-ins only; High performing dealerships focus on multiple channels, including:

  • Live Trade-ins

  • Service Drive-Through

  • Lease Returns

  • Remote (offsite) appraisals

  • Customer-driven At Home Appraisal

  • Wholesale purchases

  • Auction purchases

With consistent processes, organized leads, and detailed reports on performance for each channel, you can enable every channel of acquisition available to you.


Generate quality leads with virtual customers

Engaging with your customers virtually is more important than ever. Customers want an accurate appraisal value on their vehicle without leaving their home, and dealers want to be able to focus their efforts on quality leads (serious customers, target vehicles!).

By allowing your customers to submit a detailed condition report on their vehicle from the comfort of their home, and provide them with an accurate appraisal; no customer-app download required.


Tap into the Pre-owned Private Seller Market for more acquisition opportunities

Save time sifting through multiple classifieds websites to find private sellers, by using the Carpraze Private Seller Search Tool. 


Customize your search by year, make, model, Trim, location, price, and odometer to find exactly the vehicles you’re looking for, posted across Craigslist, Kijiji, and More. 


Found a vehicle you would like to purchase? Send them an At Home Appraisal link to get a detailed condition report, and respond with a confident offer!

Custom sift through 1000’s of private sale postings easily using Carpraze’s Private Seller Search Tool

Reduce Double Data Entry

With so many different software solution vendors in the automotive industry, your teams may double, or triple enter the customer and lead information into multiple systems - Appraisal Tools, CRM, DMS...the list goes on!


The appraisal process is the first point of data entry for many pre-owned business transactions.


At Carpraze, our open APIs mean we built our platform with end-users in mind. We work with your existing systems to find the best way to integrate your Carpraze data information into the rest of your tech ecosystem, so your team can spend more time with your customers.


Save time and money wholesaling

When you set up a private buyer’s network through Carpraze, you can directly sell your otherwise auction-bound vehicles at no cost and earn commission on these sales. 


How easy is it to share information with your Private Buyer’s Network? All the vehicle information your team already captured during the appraisal process can automatically be shared. Time, saved. 


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