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Turbocharge your Service Drive acquisitions…



The Opputunity

The Service Drive is the single most lucrative department for trade-in appraisal opportunities.

Carpraze’s Service Drive Accelerator introduces an automatic lead generation process at the store level that

delivers high-intent, prequalified leads from the existing Service drive portfolio straight to the Sales Manager

without any management, maintenance or interaction between the departments required. Focussing on quality, the pre-qualified leads are provided with complete vehicle profiles, and the Sales Manager even has access

to in-depth instant valuation tools and the most extensive market data, which provides an instantaneous headstart on appraisal valuation.

The Service Drive Accelerator can be included in the greater Carpraze system - or it can be used as a standalone

utility for dealers that want to maximize acquisitions from the Service Drive without changing existing


How it works 

Why it works 

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