Welcome to Enterprise-Level Appraising

  A structured appraisal process supported by a centralized team will help you scale your operations to achieve the best possible results.

Use an Enterprise Solution to Control Appraisal Quality

As your auto group grows, it becomes more difficult to track, and control, appraisal quality.


Carpraze provides a workflow-driven appraisal process, with structured roles, decision step,s and notifications, designed to facilitate sharing of information between various sales teams and a central hub. 


This supports a centralized team (your Trade Desk) to:


  • Provide an unbiased valuation on every appraisal

  • Customize your appraisal process workflow for local or central control of key decisions

  • Increase compliance to processes and policies

  • Delegate Appraisal process steps to leverage more employees, and complete more appraisals 


A Centralized Trade Desk:

The best investment decision for your used car business

The Trade Desk is made up of two to four analysts, who support the appraisal and remarketing of all the vehicles for your auto group. They are part of your organization, and naturally fit into existing analytics or wholesaling teams. 


The trade desk is the foundation of scaling your operations, where utilizing Carpraze, they can:

  • Streamline all your acquisition channels

  • Provide high-quality unbiased appraisals

  • Facilitate wholesaling activities 

And so much more. 

They can do the job of multiple resources at the fraction of the cost, simply by being organized better, and having the proper tool to enable them. 


Structured appraisals in four simple steps

The Carpraze Mobile App and easy-to-use desktop interface combine to create a foolproof appraisal workflow.

Now you can delegate the easily repeatable tasks to lower-cost resources, and assign the key decision steps in the process to your chosen decision-makers. 

Inputter captures vehicle information
Approver reviews vehicle, and submits to Trade Desk
Trade Desk appraises vehicle
Approval makes final decision on the trade outcome

How it works 

Capture A Vehicle

Appraise a Vehicle